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Humanitas Magnet 

for Interdisciplinary Studies

Grant High School

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Alaina Kommer

Humanitas Magnet Coordinator

Museum Studies

I've taught at Grant High School since 2004 and I've been a part of Humanitas since 2009. I love teaching in a collaborative setting.


Ron Arreola

Marine Biology



Dean Wilson

World History

U.S. History


Peer Mediation


Mariano Mejia

English 9

English 12

This is my second year at Grant High School. I love being part of the Humanitas Magnet and look forward to having a great year.


Raquel Castellanos

Algebra I

Algebra II

Girls Soccer Coach


Barbara Zeig

English 10

English 11

I am thrilled to be in the Humanitas Magnet and look forward to a fabulous year.


Manuel Reynaga

Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III


Matanya Goldsman


Algebra I Tutorial

I am so excited to join the Humanitas Magnet at Grant. I look forward to a wonderful year filled with collaboration and growth. 


Melissa Mata

Humanitas Magnet Counselor


Interested in joining our team? 

The Humanitas Magnet for Interdisciplinary Studies at Grant High School is growing and we’re looking for experienced and engaging teachers who want to join our collaborative team. Applicants should be enthusiastic, flexible, and committed to building a unique magnet program. All teachers must be willing to help with recruitment events and attend professional development beyond the school day. 

If you’re interested in joining our supportive, positive team of teachers, please send your cover letter and resume to Alaina Kommer.


Alaina Kommer

[email protected]