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Humanitas Magnet 

for Interdisciplinary Studies


Our Unique Dual Enrollment Program

We have teamed with Los Angeles Valley College to create a special partnership. Beginning in the ninth grade, all Humanitas Magnet students have the opportunity to take college classes. We believe that there is no substitution for real college experience. Whether taught on our campus or just across the street at LAVC, the courses are taught by real college professors and result in real college credit. 

We are excited to announce that for the 2021-2022 school year, we have college classes available during the school day for students at every grade level!

These classes take place on our campus, in our classrooms. 

While all LAUSD student have the ability to take classes at a community college, no one else has designed a pathway that is built right into the high school curriculum and with the support of their high school teachers and classmates. 

Some students may choose to only take a few classes while others can choose to earn a full year of college credit before they graduate. Highly motivated students can earn an Associate’s Degree. We will help you explore your options and choose a pathway that makes sense for you. 

Spring 2022

LAVC courses offered at Grant HS for Humanitas Magnet students

9th grade: Counseling 20

10th grade: Counseling 20

11th grade: Art 101

12th grade: Humanities

Apply to LAVC

All students must complete the LAVC application before enrolling in classes.

Planning for your goals

Need help with the next steps? 

Meet with Ms. Mata (your counselor), Ms. Kommer (your coordinator). We're all here to help you reach your unique goals. 

Important Forms

Get your LAVC student ID

We recommend that all students get their LAVC student ID. A student ID is required to use the LAVC library and other services. It's very important to save your ID number in multiple places so you can always find it. 

Get Your Student ID