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Humanitas Magnet 

for Interdisciplinary Studies


Humanitas Magnet for Interdisciplinary Studies

Grant High School

Since 1977, the Los Angeles Unified School District (L.A. Unified) has been at the forefront of providing high-quality instruction and a rigorous curriculum designed to facilitate student learning and promote academic achievement for all District students participating in its Court-Ordered voluntary integration programs. The Magnet and PWT programs are in alignment with L.A. Unified goals: 100 percent graduation, proficiency for all, 100 percent attendance, parent, community and student engagement, school safety, and building a solid foundation for early learners. 

Humanitas has existed as a small learning community at Grant High School since 1990. In 2018 we opened as a magnet school. The Humanitas Magnet for Interdisciplinary Studies is truly exceptional because of our focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, our unique partnership with Los Angeles Valley College, and our commitment to inclusivity and socio-emotional development. 

All Humanitas Magnet students have access to everything Grant High School has to offer, including clubs and athletics. Visit the Grant High School website often for updates or get the app!