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Grant High School

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The late application for the 2022-2023 school year is open. 

The application for the 2023-2024 school year will open on October 3rd, 2022.


Accent on the Individual

You are unique. We're here to support your unique needs and goals. 

We know kids are more than their test scores. Every kid brings something special to the classroom. We celebrate academic achievement but we also celebrate hard work, creativity, passion, and hidden talents. 

An inclusive environment helps all kids meet high expectations. 

All students will meet the A-G requirements for CSU/UC acceptance.

The Humanitas Model

Our commitment to the Humanitas model began in 1990. Our teachers work together to plan interdisciplinary thematic units that result in a deeper understanding across disciplines. The units are inquiry driven to encourage critical thinking, collaboration, and creative problem solving. Students are active participants in their education and they share responsibility for the climate they create. As a result, our students demonstrate higher rates of student engagement, improved attendance, and higher test scores.

Our teachers are passionate about Humanitas and we look forward to discussing it with you. 

Your college education starts here.

Our unique partnership with Los Angeles Valley College allows students to start earning credit during their freshman year. Our students receive unparalleled support and guidance while they undertake their first college classes. They learn valuable time management and study skills that give them the confidence to pursue a wide range of post-secondary opportunities. 

Your socio-emotional development is at least as important as your intellectual development. In the Humanitas Magnet, we celebrate diversity and inclusivity. We work hard to build a culture of respect surrounding issues of ability, identity, race, and mental health. Our students will be the first to tell you that we are a family. 

What our alumni are saying

Humanitas helped me understand that it is completely okay to be 100% myself. It helped me meet people who fill my heart with joy, and it helped me find a second family. I would not be who I am today without Humanitas and I'm forever grateful.

Michelle, class of 2018

Pierce College

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Grant High School's beautiful campus is located in Valley Glen.

Let us show you why it's so special to us. 

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